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Diligent Legal Services is your competitive edge in service of process, investigative services, and vendor management litigation support.

We assist lawyers, insurance companies, and individuals finding people and assets worldwide for litigation. We serve legal documents, obtain court documents, and provide loss mitigation services.

Diligent Legal Services customizes our services to individual client needs, and we are enthusiastic about the opportunity to speak with you about your unique needs.

Contact Us now for a consultation and let us show you how Diligent Legal Services can assist you and your clients in achieving their objectives.


Diligent Legal Services is your competitive edge in service of process, investigative services and related litigation support services. We assist lawyers, insurance companies, and individuals find people and assets worldwide for support in litigation.

Service of Process

Service of process rules vary by jurisdiction. Having a competent professional providing oversight to these services is important to the speed and accuracy of legal cases. Erroneous service can result in costly delays or case dismissal. Since 2011, Diligent Legal Services has delivered quality and reliable service. Our nationwide network is afforded the benefit of our robust technology platforms and internal support teams. All service data is captured and managed in real-time, and is viewable via our customer portal. We are familiar with the Uniform Standards Depositions and Discovery Act.

Skip Tracing

Diligent Legal Services offers its service of process clients free skip tracing services. Our clients realize cost effective savings with increased elimination of publication processes. Diligent Legal Services rapid response times keep files moving without costly delays. Our clients in financial services, credit, collections and insurance markets benefit from the advantages of our proprietary technology.

Loss Mitigation

Diligent Legal Services assists its institutional clients’ home retention/loss mitigation efforts through successful verification of borrowers’ addresses and phone numbers.

Key Service Differentiators

  • Individual status results for each address, including a physical residence description, occupancy, and contact information (when available)
  • Delivery of mortgage services personalized, unique documents, including home retention information (in both print and digital formats)
  • Custom reporting data

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